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GIMIAS 1.3.0

We are pleased to announce that the GIMIAS-1.3.0 release is now available. 

Read more: GIMIAS 1.3.0


GIMIAS Team participated to VPH 2010 conference, organised by the Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence - VPH NoE in Brussels on 30th September to 1st October, 2010. Read all abstracts here.

The following works related to GIMIAS were presented:

  • X. Planes et al., Toward interoperability of VPH Clinical Application Development Frameworks: synergistic development roadmap between MAF and GIMIAS. Download presentation.
  • V. Barbarito et al., A software framework for research on intracranial aneurysm management and treatment risk assessment
  • M.Steghöfer et al., Integration of a 3D visualization and modeling software into a workflow-oriented environment for cardiac therapy planning applications   
  • O. Camara et al., Patient-specific computational models of the heart for a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy planning platform
  • B.Martí et al., QuantiDOPA: An automatic quantification software for nuclear medicine imaging in movement disorder diseases

The following posters related to GIMIAS were presented:

  • P. Omedas et al., Exemplar prototypes based on GIMIAS, a workflow oriented platform for the development of Biomedical prototypes. Download poster.
  • B. Marti et al., FocusDET: A multimodal application to locate epileptogenic foci in intractable partial epilepsy. Download poster.
  • L. Carotenuto et al., CardioLab: development of a software suite for characterization and quantification of myocardial pathologies. Download poster.