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Sample Data


We are pleased to announce that a collection of sample data is available to download in the GIMIAS web site, in the menu Download->Sample Data.

Data is organized by Domain. You can find:

  • Several domains: Cardiology, cerebral aneurysm, ...
  • Several types of data: images, meshes, signals, ...
  • At different scales: from genetics to human body.
  • Different file formats: VTK, DICOM, Nifty, ...

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Users workshop Feb2012


Visualization and processing medical imaging tool

This hands-on workshop may be of interest for research groups working on biomedical image computing and simulation problems. GIMIAS provides a set of visualization and processing features commonly used in several biomedical domains like cardiology, angiology or neuroimaging.

This workshop is organized by CISTIB (Center for Computational and Information Technologies in Biomedicine - in Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona and the University of Sheffield.

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