2nd MSV project review

msv_logo_final On 27th of March of 2012, the second project review of the Multiscale Spatiotemporal Visualisation (MSV) took place in Bologna, Italy. MSV is a European project within the 7º framework program with a consortium composed of international leading partners in the development of visualization software tools for biomedical applications: SCS, the University of Bedfordshire, Kitware, the Auckland Bioengineering Institute and UPF.  The aim of the project is to develop an open-source library (MSVTK) for interactive visualization of multiscale biomedical data that will be released at the end of 2012.


In this meeting the outcomes of the second year of the project have been presented to the European Commission, in the form of first draft prototypes using MSVTK and public reports. The GIMIAS team, as leader of the work package 3: Exemplary problems, showed the results of the collected datasets that are publicly available in BiomedTown.

The objectives of the second year have been achieved and the plans for the last year of the project have been coordinated among all the partners to develop the MSVTK library and integrate it in the different frameworks as GIMIAS.