VPH-Share General Assembly (March 2012 Krakow)

VPHShare On March 2012, the first General Assembly of the VPH-Share project took place in Krakow, Poland. VPH-Share is an European project within the 7º framework program that includes 19 partners form 8 countries.  The aim of the project is to provide clinicians and researchers the fundamental infrastructure to store, share and use clinical data and tools. Thus, facilitating the construction and operation of new workflows among the VPH community.


In this meeting the different partners have presented their contributions during the first year of the project. The Gimias team, as leader of the work package 6, showed its advances on web Services deployment and workflow execution using taverna.

GIMIAS, as a workflow oriented environment for biomedical image simulations, intended to integrate the facilities for the creation and execution, locally or remote, of the VPH workflows.

Among the different developments made in GIMIAS for this Assembly, the principal contributions are listed below:

A wizard tool was included in GIMIAS to easily create command line plugins from external applications. The tool allows the user definition of the output, input and other parameter related with the application, through a simple graphical interface in GIMIAS.

A web service plugin was also developed to expose GIMIAS command line plugins as web services, thus having the possibility of using them in workflow executions.

The composition and execution of the workflow is made using taverna with a VPN connection to the server that allows managing the applications that need user interaction.

The objectives proposed for the first year have been reached with a first prototype of a web service creator and workflow composition and execution tool. The next steps are to integrate them with the security layer and make them available on the VPH web page.