GIMIAS team was invited to visit myGrid team


The GIMIAS team was invited to visit the myGrid team last 30th of January of 2012 in Manchester as the first personal contact based on the collaboration established in the last year.

myGrid created software called Taverna, a Workflow Management System mainly used in a large number of different domains as varied as genetic analysis and heliophysics. The GIMIAS team started to use Taverna Workbench for biomedical image analysis and simulation workflows during 2011, mainly for local execution of command line plugins and SSH. At the end of 2011, the team started to integrate a web services server in GIMIAS and started executing Taverna workflows using web services.

During the visit, several topics were tackled including long-term digital storage, SCAPE project, Taverna 3 roadmap, interaction services, Genetic analysis, the SysMO project, Rightfield project and Taverna server.

This collaboration will allow the design, execution and sharing of biomedical imaging and simulation workflows and services; the services will be executed on remote servers, gaining the benefit of cloud computing. Furthermore, it will allow the creation of mixed workflows combining information between the genetics and medical imaging worlds.

Both teams were satisfied with the first contact and are interested to continue collaboration in current and future projects.