2nd VPH NoE Workshop on Toolkit Hands-on Training


GIMIAS team members attended to the 2nd VPH NoE Workshop on Toolkit Hands-on Training in INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France between 21th and 24th of November. This workshop was focusing on Imaging Tool interoperability between software, algorithms, and research teams.

During the workshop, all participants presented their group and their problems or solutions. Problems are focused on biomedical imaging domain, like lung segmentation. The solution presents a tool and the methodology to solve this problem.

On the solution side were present the people from INRIA (Medinria), Creatis (Creatools), TIMC (CAMITK), DKFZ (MITK) and UPF(GIMIAS). On the mixed solution/problem side were people from the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam (AMC), UCL ( nifty tools) and the Institute for Surgical Technology and Biomechanics (ISTB). Companies were also present: Mauna Kea Technologies, EOS and Median.

People brainstormed on the different problems and groups were formed to go in concrete implementations. Since it was also the topic of a workshop, an Interoperability group was also created. The group discussed the topics of Command Line Plugin (CLP) and DICOM application hosting. This mainly concerned UCL, Creatis, MITK, INRIA and UPF. It was agreed that the CLP looked like the simplest and more practical solution to share algorithms between institutions. This was of great interest to the people of UCL who started making their command line programs as CLP.