CTK Hackfest in Nice


GIMIAS team members attended to the CTK meeting in France between 14th and 18th of November. CTK is a toolkit developed in C++ language. The goal of CTK (Common ToolKit) is to support biomedical image computing through a set of common base functionalities like DICOM, visualization widgets, build system, plugin architecture and test framework.

The CTK meeting is called Hackfest and the main focus is to write CTK code. Usually there are two or three Hackfests per year.  

Several research groups and companies attended to the meeting: Kitware, Isomics, DKFZ, INRIA, University College London, SCS, UPF, Siemens Corporate Research, and OFFIS. During the Hackfest, all attendants presented the tool of each institution.

Later, the assistants splited in two groups: DICOM networking and DICOM application hosting. The aim of the DICOM networking group was to improve the DICOM support of CTK. The Application hosting group aimed at integrating a host in the DICOM database example, create a hosted app that launches a Command Line Plugin (CLP), add some tests and investigate XPATH for different possible data exchange between host and app.

Finally, some effort was made to create the CTK-Roadmap. This simplifies the goals and topics of the group to avoid confusion for new comers.