euHeart Hands-on Tutorial


Having the whole pipeline of the CRT platform implemented, we were able to process some exemplary cases from the euHeart database. These processed cases were then used to organize a demonstration at the European Society of Cardiology congress in Paris (ESC’11), held at the end of August 2011. The ESC’11 is the largest clinical event for cardiology worldwide with around 35000 participants. The WP5 participation at the ESC’11 consisted in two Hands-on Tutorial sessions that were hosted by Philips, entitled “Improving cardiac care by patient-specific modelling – focus on cardiac resynchronization therapy”, as shown in Figure . The main objective of these sessions was to obtain some feedback on the CRT planning platform tools from expert cardiologists.


Each session lasted 90 minutes in total and was organized as follows:

Therefore, after introducing the clinical problem and the developed tools, we had an interactive demo where participants were asked some questions that were answered through a voting system available at the room. Mainly, for a couple of processed cases from the euHeart database, we wanted to analyze the implant decisions made by the expert when showing an increase amount of information about the patient given by image processing and modelling tools.

Finally, during the guided discussion, a video was shown to demonstrate the use of some of the presented tools in the clinics, specifically at the cathlab at King’s College London, where some imaging processing results are overlaid on the X-rays during the intervention for a better guidance of the implantation procedure.