euHeart General Assembly


New developments on Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) platform have been presented at the General Assembly of euHeart project ( in Paris. Most of the components of this platform have been developed using GIMIAS framework in WorkPackage 5 (you can read more about CRT platform here) . Custom working areas and visualization windows have been developed that allow analyzing the quantification results and perform elechtromechanical simulation of the heart for a specific patient. You can see some snapshots below.



FastEikonalWorkingArea Fast Eikonal Electrical simulation performed with OpenCMISS using two pacemaker leads and visualization of the local activation time of the electrical propagation using a continuous bull's eye plot.
ChasteWorkingArea Electrical simulation of the Heart using Chaste simulator. The user can click on a point of the mesh to see the electrical activation over time.
CRTDemo1 Patient-specific cardiac quantification results over time using three modalities: 4D Ultrasound, Tagged MRI and Cine MRI. Different segmentation algorithms have been used to obtain these computational models.
WC_INRIA Mechanical simulation of the heart using the real time simulator SOFA (from INRIA) from a patient-specific mesh. The user can visualize the heart beating, the quantification results using bull's eye plots and the pressure signals. The visualization of the linear tetrahedral mesh is done using VTK.
WC_OpenCMISS Electro-Mechanical simulation of the heart using OpenCMISS from a patient-specific mesh. The visualization of the quadratic Lagrange hexahedral mesh is done using the CMGUI library.