CardioThe CARDIO SUITE for GIMIAS allows to perform an entire workflow from medical images to characterization and quantification of myocardial diseases and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) planning, in order to allow the clinician to adequately plan the treatment and the intervention, if required. 

Main features:



Step 1 - Load medical image: Use the DICOM plug-in to load the patient's medical image. This plug-in allows to load different image modalities: MRI, CT, 3D ultrasound, SPECT.

GIMIAS Dicom Plug-in


Step 2 - Cardiac segmentation: The heart geometry can be extracted using automatic and semi-automatic segmentation techniques. Manual correction tools can be used to correct the geometry if the result of segmentation is not accurate enough.

GIMIAS Cardiac Segmentation Plug-in

Step 3 - Cardiac quantification: The cardiac quantification algorithms allow to extract quantitative information that characterize the heart shape. 
Local and/or global information like volume , wall thickness, stress and strain, can be visualized both as graphs/numerical values or as colormap information on top of the shape model, and is computed using 17 segments bull’s eye plot subdivision.

GIMIAS Cardiac Quantification Plug-in

Step 4 - Patient specific modelling: these tools allow to generate the finite-element meshes required for the simulations and build additional structures such as fiber orientation and the Purkinje system.

GIMIAS Cardiac Simulation Plug-in

Step 5 - Therapy planning: Placement of pacemaker leads can be simulated for CRT planning and the result of electromechanical simulations can be visualized.

GIMIAS Cardiac Simulation Plug-in